Aviator – Make TV.

What is Aviator Make TV?

Aviator Make TV is one of the three key pillars of the Imagine Aviator platform.

With its comprehensive cloud playout solution, you can deliver great AV quality and seamless program-ad-promo transitions and live events ― all while boosting your bottom line, monetizing content on every screen.

Utilizing cloud orchestration to reliably manage playout services and leverage the flexibility of cloud infrastructure, you can easily start/stop channels, launch pop-up channels, add channel redundancy, run a disaster recovery (DR) channel, monitor system and channel health, and much more.

The platform’s unified UI gives engineers and operators anywhere-anytime access and complete control of even the most sophisticated workflows for channel origination in the cloud, combining clips, live events, real-time graphics, subtitles and SCTE insertion.

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Learn how Aviator Make TV can work for you.

Pop-up Channels

Pop-up Channels

Short-term or occasional use channels, for streaming channels during special events where you need to surge capacity.

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Complex Sports and News Channels

Complex Sports & News Channels

Leverage a full suite of software and operation utilities to address the challenges of delivering complex channels with live events.

FAST Channels

FAST Channels

Raise the bar and make premium ad-supported TV. Enable linear streaming to look and feel like traditional linear TV, meeting the demands of your audience for a quality viewing experience.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Run it full-time or turn it on only when needed – easily and cost-effectively. Choose what works for you, with cold, warm or hot standby failover options.

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Full Playout Infrastructure Refresh

Full Playout Infrastructure Refresh

Start migrating your playout channels to the cloud gradually, adapting to your investment and technology strategies.

Emerging Networks

Emerging Networks

For any network, simple or sophisticated. Experiment with ideas – spin it up and try it. If you decide you don’t want it, take it down. No infrastructure spend required.

Make tv Benefits.

  • Unify operations for broadcast channels and streaming OTT services
  • Keep audiences engaged with seamless viewing experiences across multiple screens
  • Start/stop a channel in minutes & accelerate your time-to-market — launch a full broadcast channel in 15 minutes
  • Leverage and support existing on-prem infrastructure alongside cloud operations (hybrid deployment) — lets your path to cloud evolve with your business
  • Improve efficiency with intuitive tools and technology at any scale of operations, with easy access to system monitoring and analytics
  • Access remote and geo-dispersed operations with a secure connection and the right user permissions
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Imagine Aviator is optimized on AWS to deliver comprehensive cloud-native services, removing the time and complexity of large physical infrastructure deployments and delivering comparatively instant deployment of global services.

  • Containerized core services with Kubernetes orchestration, facilitating scalability and resilience
  • Flexible deployment options to build elastic system architectures with configurable redundancy levels, distributing workflows between cloud and on-prem systems
  • Compliant with the principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework – Foundational Technical Review (FTR) completed


A diagram of AWS services used by Aviator
Aviator leverages a suite of AWS Services – hover for details