Cloud-Native Platform to Plan, Make and Monetize TV

Plan, make and monetize content.

on One, ground-breaking Cloud Platform.

Imagine Aviator lets you leverage the best of cloud at your fingertips for a powerful converged solution to originate and monetize linear programming and video-on-demand content.

Designed for broadcast TV and digital TV, Aviator enables you to meet audience demands for sophisticated, premium-quality channels and content across every screen, while priming all programming for seamless local and dynamic ad insertion.

Tap into the power of a single, unified platform to:

  • Manage scheduling, rights management, and content acquisition
  • Oversee the media supply chain and secure appropriate storage
  • Provide premium playout
  • Ensure optimal use of ad inventory, accurately targeting commercials
    to audiences and monetizing even in difficult-to-anticipate live event scenarios
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Orchestrate and automate sophisticated software for media workflows in the cloud
Unified monitoring utility to gather telemetry and metrics from both cloud infrastructure and Aviator applications
Decide the destination of every playout channel
Content Rights
Content contracts and financial rights management for linear and on-demand agreements
Utilization Management
Extensive planning tools to maximize rights usage and rights inventory reporting
Version Management
Workflow-driven material preparation with the ability to manage multiple content versions
Planning (weeks)
Short-/long-term planning for live linear scheduling and automated tools for on-demand scheduling
Content Decisions
Insights from content and scheduling repository drives greater decisions for utilization
Draft Layout
Template for slot layout managed with rule-based allocation
Scheduling (days)
Daily schedule for linear channels, spot ingest, ad scheduling tools with online validation
Daily linear playlist with output to playout automation and on-demand schedule output
Programming Guide
Export EPG schedules using flexible listings templates
Media Supply
Content & Metadata
Integrated asset management toolset designed to control media acquisition and content preparation in the cloud
Advanced rules and engines providing flexible and adaptable workflows to drive efficiencies and bridge ground to cloud
Centralized storage management, elastically scalable to the infinite to store and protect media assets in the cloud
Command &
Playout Automation
Modern, elastic, anywhere access playout automation optimized to drive linear channels in the cloud
Master Control
Single pane of glass for operation and monitoring, with customizable dashboards to manually interact with cloud channels
Live Streams
Centralized control of all the contribution streams reaching your virtual network in the cloud
Essentials Channel
Provides lower-cost options to stand up and operate simple, thematic-style linear channels in the cloud
Standard Channel
Launch full time or occasional use linear channels with branding and master control capability
Premium Channel
Cloud origination with advanced graphics, including DVE, master control and optional low latency capability
Ad Sales
Cross-Platform Sales
Sell ad campaigns across live linear, streaming and on-demand inventory
Business Rules
Controls and rules for content restrictions, competitive separation, clash avoidance, and frequency
Audience Data Analysis
Leverage rich 1st- and 3rd-party audience data for planning and targeting purposes
Ad Decisioning
Video Ad Serving
Sophisticated ad decisioning to match the campaign and audience
Audience Fulfillment
Make sure the right ads reach the correct audience and demographics
Inventory Optimization
Latest inventory optimization algorithms to increase yield and maximize revenue
Traffic & Billing
Campaign Stewardship
Advanced sales and traffic solution ensures campaigns are delivered to the right audience
Copy Automation
Ingest and manage use of the correct copy for ad placement
Reconciliation & Billing
Reconcile ads placed against campaigns for reporting, analytics and billing
A screen of the Aviator deploymanager

Aviator Deployment Manager

Spin channels up and down alongside the underlying cloud infrastructure.

A screen of the Aviator content UI

Aviator Content Portal

Asset management toolset designed to control media acquisition and content preparation in the cloud.

A screen of the Aviator control panel
Aviator Control

Single pane of glass for operation and monitoring, with customizable dashboards to manually interact with cloud channels and support live events.

A screen of the Aviator playlist
Aviator Playlist

Modern & flexible playout automation optimized to operate linear channels in the cloud.

Aviator Monetize

View advertising revenue, health, and performance in Aviator Monetize dashboards

Aviator Essentials Channels with Graphics

Easily add high-quality HTML5 graphic branding capabilities to channels leveraging a cloud-based delivery solution

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