Cloud-Native Platform to Plan, Make and Monetize TV

Plan, make and monetize content.

on One, ground-breaking Cloud Platform.

Imagine Aviator lets you leverage the best of cloud at your fingertips for a powerful converged solution to originate and monetize linear programming and video-on-demand content.

Designed for broadcast TV and digital TV, Aviator enables you to meet audience demands for sophisticated, premium-quality channels and content across every screen, while priming all programming for seamless local and dynamic ad insertion.

Tap into the power of a single, unified platform to:

  • Manage scheduling, rights management, and content acquisition
  • Oversee the media supply chain and secure appropriate storage
  • Provide premium playout
  • Ensure optimal use of ad inventory, accurately targeting commercials
    to audiences and monetizing even in difficult-to-anticipate live event scenarios

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Use our interactive diagram below.
/*--- BACKGROUND---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /*--- START SCREEN---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /*--- NAVI---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /*--- CONTENT---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /*--- MAKE TV CONTENT HEADER--------------------------------------------------------------*/ /*--- MAKE TV NAVI------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /*--- MAKE TV CONTENT---------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /*--- POPUPS----------------*/ /*--- POPUPS----------------*/ /*--- POPUPS----------------*/ /*--- POPUPS----------------*/